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For Foreign Tourists - Waden Festival Inbound

Japanese Cultural Experience & Appreciation Events

Weaving TraditionaI Arts into the World

Through Traditional Performing Arts,
Conveying Japan's Aesthetic Sensibilities and Spiritual Essence to the World,
Enriching the Hearts of People.

As inheritors of Japanese traditional cultural performing arts,
We are organizing programs for inbound audiences,
Spreading the spirit of 'Omotenashi' – Japanese hospitality,
To share the allure of Japan worldwide.

We support artists who inherit arts and skills
Such as 'Music,' 'Dance,' 'Theater,' 'Tea Ceremony,'
'Ikebana,' 'Calligraphy,' 'Martial Arts,' 'Traditional Crafts,'
Pursuing expression through heart, technique, and body,
While conveying their charm to the world.




Experience Japanese Traditional Performing Arts and discover the culture, aesthetic sensibilities, and spirit of Japan. It's not just about enjoying the experience, but also learning the depth of 'OMOTENASHI' – the spirit of hospitality – through gestures and behavior rooted in Japanese culture.

・Japanese meal



We offer authentic 'made in JAPAN' goods that allow you to truly feel the essence of Japanese tradition. By showcasing unique patterns, colors, and meticulous craftsmanship that are distinctively Japanese, we aim to spread Japan's traditional culture to the world. These are items that go beyond mere experiences and we encourage you to take a piece of this distinctive culture back to your own country.



You will have the opportunity to 'appreciate' Japanese traditional dance and music featuring traditional instruments. The dance performances and unique sounds and melodies of these instruments reflect Japan's aesthetic sensibilities and cultural background, allowing you to experience the richness of the Japanese heart and soul.

・Japanese Music



Japanese 'OMOTENASHI' embodies the essence of thoughtfulness and consideration, stemming from the modesty inherent in the Japanese culture. Learning Japan's unique manners is also a way to understand the spirit of harmony. We will introduce you to the distinctive customs and etiquette that are specific to each location, providing insights into the heart of Japan.

Upcoming Event


1. Religious History by the Head Priest of Honganji Temple
 (Lecture in the Main Hall)

2. Japanese Hospitality Spirit
 (From Sado)

3. Seminar on Tsukiji: Food, Entertainment, and Etiquette

Traveling Japanese Culture Event at Kanidouraku

Event Schedule

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We offer tailored pricing based on the number of participants and the nature of the event, suitable for foreign travelers, travel agencies, expatriates, local organizations, ceremonies, and more. Our experiential sessions start from 3,000 yen. Please feel free to inquire for more details.

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