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​Can attract customers through seminars

​Japanese culture experience & exchange meeting


​Japanese culture experience & exchange meeting

“I want to convey the heart of Japanese culture to everyone! ”

“I want you to experience Japanese culture! ”

This is an event that is held from the thought.

Benefits of joining

By holding seminars, faculty members belong to

You can create fans and student candidates!

You can also collaborate and make connections with other teachers.

teacherBuild your skills and gain new confidence!


 ~          載せよう~

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1. 集客宣伝ツールである美しいチラシの作成

2. セミナー会場として根岸教室をレンタル


3. 収容人数20~30名

4. 受付などのスタッフ用意可能

5. プロカメラマンによるセミナー映像と写真撮影


6. 飲食を伴うパーティー形式可能



tea ceremony teacher

Classroom closed due to corona

I started again last year

a former studentdid not return

I was in trouble.

thenthe tea ceremonystage production

I learned about "Waden Festival".

to former students

plan the stagejust talked

the studenti'm back.

moreoverto many customers

through the tea ceremony

Experience "impression"

of the studentsmotivation

very high.


Japanese music artist

10 years agoas an artist

I was active

Even after Coronathe event

unable to hold

I was worried.

MeanwhileBelonging to "Wadenkai"

Appearing in the Waden Festival

by chancewith many friends

the fanI made it.

Currentlybelonging to

each artistofwith people

through collaboration

A lot oflive and event

I am ready to start.


dance class teacher

Homepage advertising expenses

Tens of thousands of yen per monthI was calling

butno effect

I quit with anxiety.

thenstudent's presentation

"It can be done cheaply without miscellaneous work"

Waden festivalOnce you start using

the student himselfvoluntarily

attract customerscome to be able to

now more than 50

by number of studentsNariI was.

​Alsoby ticket sales

There is also "temporary income"

It is very helpful.

Venue: Yamato Shosakujuku (Negishi classroom)

JR Nippori Station South Exit ticket gate 6 minutes on foot

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