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Japan Cultural Theater Support Organization

  2023Founded in

Japanese culture classroom Japanese culture artistWishing for growth and success

SoOur mission is to help achieve

Pursue expression with mind, technique, and body
"Music" "Japanese dance" "Theater" "Tea ceremony"
"Flower arrangement" "Calligraphy" "Martial arts" "Traditional crafts"
While supporting artists who inherit arts and techniques such as
We will convey its charm to the world


​For classroom teachers

3 big support

1. For attracting customers/management of the classroombusiness support
2. For student presentationstage support
3. For teachers and professional performersRegional revitalization support

Representative introduction of our organization

Representative Shitomi Eto

Representative Director of Japan Cultural Theater Support Organization
Head of Wadenkai

President of Yamato Shosaku Juku
Kimono Mote Work Trainer
Japanese dancer:
Umewaka Wabun

 Bon Odori Association
Entertainment agency: PLUS VOX
(Actress movie appearance)
Urara Ichikawa FM radio MC "OUGI of Shitomi"
stage director/

"Japanese Culture x Management x Brain Science" Belongs to the Koji Town Study Group
Director of Excellent Gem Co., Ltd. 
Director of Jewelry Town Okachimachi Industry Association
Secretary of Ueno Ethics Association

​Eto Shitomi

Born as the eldest daughter of a hot spring inn in Atagawa, Izu,3 years oldcalligraphy, flower arrangement, dance, abacusReceive Japanese hospitality education.

In his early twenties, he became independent as a jewelry designer. theFour years later, he established Art Bijou Co., Ltd.Annual sales reach 300 million, but shrink due to the decline of department stores.after that,Learn Japanese dance in earnest after raising a childOpened the "Kimono and Japanese Dance Classroom".

onlySucceeded in attracting more than 50 students (SNS attraction) in one year.learn onlineEstablished “Yamato Shosaku Juku”Currently for teachers of Japanese cultureWe have established an association and are engaged in support activities.

What we can do

To motivate the students in the classroom,The teacher must hold the presentation by himself.That's a lot of work.
Also in Corona, presentationThere are many places where it is not held,This was a major factor in student dropouts.
Therefore, our agency said,Planning and proposing a stage (Waden Festival) for teachers at a large venue” has been implemented. the result,
Teachers are now able to hold presentations for students that do not require any work and can be attended at a low cost.


students rejoice
with many mechanisms
​ "Stage production"

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