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For Foreign Tourists ~Wadensai Inbound~

Japanese culture experience & appreciation event

Spinning from traditional performing arts to the world

"Through traditional performing arts
Conveying Japanese aesthetics and spirituality to the world
Enrich people's hearts

A successor of Japanese traditional culture and performing arts
We are the charm of Japan
"Hospitality -OMOTENASHI-"
to spread the heart of
for inbound
We are holding a program.

Pursue expression with mind, technique, and body
"Music" "Dance" "Theater" "Tea Ceremony"
"Flower arrangement" "Calligraphy" "Martial arts" "Traditional crafts"
Inheriting arts and techniques such as
while supporting the artist.
We will convey its charm to the world.


Wadensai Inbound (8)


Experience Japanese traditional performing arts and learn about Japanese culture, aesthetics, and spirit. You can not only enjoy the experience, but also learn the Japanese spirit (OMOTENASHI) behind it, such as consideration and behavior through Japanese culture.

・ Kimono experience (Kimono)
・Tea ceremony experience (Sado)
・Calligraphy experience (Shodo)
・Japanese meal

product sales

We offer authentic 'made in JAPAN' goods that allow you to truly feel the essence of Japanese tradition. By showcasing unique patterns, colors, and meticulous craftsmanship that are distinctively Japanese, we aim to spread Japan's traditional culture to the world. These are items that go beyond mere experiences and we encourage you to take a piece of this distinctive culture back to your own country.


You will appreciate Japanese dance and music using traditional instruments. Dances that reflect Japanese aesthetics and cultural backgrounds, as well as unique tones and melodies, let you feel the richness of the heart unique to Japan.

・Appreciation of Japanese dance (Nihon-buyou)
・Japanese Music


Japanese 'OMOTENASHI' embodies the essence of thoughtfulness and consideration, stemming from the modesty inherent in the Japanese culture. Learning Japan's unique manners is also a way to understand the spirit of harmony. We will introduce you to the distinctive customs and etiquette that are specific to each location, providing insights into the heart of Japan.

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Wadensai Inbound September/October 2023 Flyer
Japanese Festival Inbound (10)

1: Religious History by the Chief Priest of Hongwanji
(Lecture at the main hall)

2: Japanese spirit of hospitality
(from the tea ceremony)

3: Tsukiji Food/Amusement/Rule Seminar

Traveling Japanese Culture Event at Kanidouraku

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We offer tailored pricing based on the number of participants and the nature of the event, suitable for foreign travelers, travel agencies, expatriates, local organizations, ceremonies, and more. Our experiential sessions start from 3,000 yen. Please feel free to inquire for more details.

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